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Pool Resurfacing vs. Repainting

When it comes to pool renovations, homeowner’s need to be educated in the services available to maintain the longevity of their pools. A frequent question that pool owners ask is, what are the differences between repainting vs. pool resurfacing, and which service should they choose. Luckily, we have the answer to that here at So […]

How Much Does it Cost to Replaster Your Pool?

Through continuous use, your pool will start to show the wear and tear that it has endured throughout the summer months. Pools are meant to be enjoyed and taken advantage of, but when signs of discoloration, cracks, stains or jagged areas start to present themselves, it’s time to start thinking about pool replastering. Cracked surfaces […]

5 Steps to Pool Refurbishing in Laguna

Before you cover up your pool for the off-season, consider refurbishing. Fall and winter is the best time to resurface your pool in Laguna because it’s too cold to use the pool. There’s also no rush for contractors to finish before the warm weather hits in the spring and summer. The process of refurbishing and […]

Why Fall Pool Remodeling Just Makes Sense

As the hot summer season comes to an end, chances are you won’t be using your pool as much. But before you pull the covering over your pool, consider remodeling it before the cold winter hits! From Yorba Linda to Irvine and down to Laguna Niguel, the fall season is prime time for pool remodeling. […]

Which Pool Finish Should I Choose?

When constructing or remodeling a pool, there are many types of pool finishes to pick from. Products can range in pricing, color, durability, and style, which might make picking a finish stressful. At So Cal Pool Plaster, we offer a variety of pool finishes without making your decision an overwhelming one. Plaster is one of […]

Update Your Pool, Update Your Life

There’s nothing cooler than having a pool to relax in your own backyard…except if it’s leaking or needs a little facelift and modernizing. Updating and refurbishing your pool is a great way to get the pool of your dreams as well as make your neighbors envious of your oasis. Here are a few ways to […]