7 Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a pool owner, you know by now that it requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Routine maintenance and cleaning of your pool will help it retain its quality and appearance. However, unless you have extensive knowledge of pool maintenance, you’re likely to make some mistakes. Here are some common pool maintenance errors that you will want to avoid.

Failing to Brush

There’s more to a clean pool than just vacuuming it. You will also have to regularly brush it to avoid stains and buildup of mineral deposits. When brushing your pool make sure to cover areas like the steps, waterline, corners, and behind the latter.

Shocking Your Pool Directly

Adding shock directly into your pool can be catastrophic especially if you have a vinyl liner. Your liner will lose its color and become bleached because of exposure to high levels of chlorine. It will also become susceptible to leaks. Avoid this by pre-dissolving your shock by adding it to a bucket of water first before using it on your pool. 

Using High-Tech Solutions for Pool Algae 

When confronted with pool algae, you may feel inclined to use an automatic pool cleaner to solve this issue. However, high-tech pool cleaners are not effective in this situation because of their inability to remove the algae and their proneness to clogging. Instead, you will want to manually vacuum the algae. 

Too Much Backwashing

In general, backwashing your filter is a beneficial activity that will clean it of dirt and other particles. However, too much backwashing could make it more difficult to remove small dirt particles which will then cloud your pool water. To avoid overdoing your backwashing, simply pay attention to your pressure gauge. When the psi is too high, you can then clean your filter. 

Pouring Shock Down Your Skimmer

Shock should never be poured down a skimmer. Making this mistake is dangerous. Your pool’s filter system could explode. Always make sure that your pool shock and skimmer are separate from one another.

Not Balancing Your pH and Alkalinity Levels

When it comes to managing pH and alkalinity levels, you’ll want to get it just right. A pH level that is too low will make your pool excessively acidic. This could damage your pool filter, heater, liner, and other equipment. A pH level that is too high will reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine making it likely that pathogens remain in your pool. You will want to regularly test your pool and adjust your levels accordingly.

Shocking Your Pool in the Daytime

Shocking your pool is usually a useful activity that helps keep chlorine levels well-balanced. However, attempting to shock your pool during the day is not recommended. The sunlight will reduce the shock’s effectiveness and waste your efforts. Instead of shocking during the day, you should do so at night.

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