5 Tips to Designing Swimming Pools for Small Backyards

Our team at So Cal Pool Plaster is commonly asked by inquiring minds if it’s possible to construct a swimming pool in a tight confined space. It’s a question most frequently asked by homeowners with smaller backyards due to worries over not having the required room. Ultimately it is possible, though, how much success you have is dependent on the approach you take to constructing a pool. If you’re a homeowner interested in this route, here are five tips to designing the swimming pool of your dreams in a small backyard. 

Consider Your Approach

Before designing and constructing your pool, you’ll need to consider its shape. It would be best to consult with an expert to help formulate a shape and design that best fits your backyard. Ideally, you would want to have enough space to access and maneuver around the pool. We at So Cal Pool Plaster are here to help point you in the best direction for your needs.

Take Advantage of Walls

When constructing a swimming pool in a smaller backyard, you’ll need to use your space wisely and as efficiently as possible. One technique of saving space is utilizing a wall. A wall can be multi-functional serving as a boundary from a neighbor’s yard or helping hold back soil from a slope.

Shorten the Deck

Another method of conserving space involves the pool deck. Be aware that a deck does not need to entirely surround a pool. There are instances where having half of a deck is preferable. Consider the shape and layout of your backyard and make an informed decision that best adheres to your circumstances.

The Solo Spa Option

If for whatever reason a small swimming pool does not work for you, a viable alternative is a solo spa. Because of their small size, you can place a solo spa anywhere in your backyard without much worry.

The Pool and Spa Hybrid

A pool and spa hybrid, also known as a spool, is an option for those who want the benefits of both. Spools are larger than a traditional spa and can hold more occupants. It’s an enticing option as it does this while also maintaining some of the benefits of a pool.

No matter what size your backyard is, So Cal Pool Plaster is here for all of your residential and commercial swimming pool needs. If you’re looking to make your dream swimming pool a reality, contact us today at (714) 617-8182 for further consultation.