4 Signs That Tell You It’s Time for Pool Resurfacing

Even the highest quality swimming pools aren’t immune to old age and wear and tear. At some point, every swimming pool begins to show its age and gradually declines in appearance and functionality, particularly in aspects like its surface. A worn-down pool surface doesn’t just look aesthetically unpleasant but also actively makes your swimming experience worse. 

Fortunately, many pool contractors like So Cal Pool Plaster offer pool resurfacing services that can provide you with a brand new surface that will look and feel better than ever before. While the right time to pursue a pool resurfacing project will ultimately depend on your circumstances, there are clear indicators that inform you when your pool surface needs to be replaced.

Signs of Erosion

Erosion marks can emerge on your pool surface over time from the friction created by water continuously moving against it. They aren’t difficult to spot and can even be felt while swimming. As erosion is a sign of advanced age and can detract from your pool’s appearance, its emergence should signal that it’s time to resurface your swimming pool. 

Hard-to-Remove Stains

Stains on your pool surface aren’t uncommon and can occur anytime because of debris, algae, and many other things. Most stains can be easily cleaned with a brush or a similar tool. However, if you have pool stains that just can’t seem to be removed no matter how hard you try, this could be a sign of your swimming pool’s age or a lack of maintenance. 

No matter what the cause of your unremovable stains is, a pool surface that is permanently stained doesn’t look good and makes your swimming pool visually unappealing. The only solution to get your pool back to its best is with pool resurfacing services

Rough Spots

Swimming is meant to be a smooth and enjoyable experience. It can be anything but that when you have rough spots on your pool floor, which can occur over time when your swimming pool’s surface wears down.

Rough spots will make your swimming experience unpleasant and cause minor injuries like scuffed feet. Once you notice that your pool has rough spots on its surface, start scheduling a pool resurfacing project as soon as possible. 

Unintentionally Low Water Level

If your pool’s water level begins to drop for seemingly no reason, there could be a leak due to cracks in your pool surface. Cracks can arise because of factors like old age and low-quality pool construction. 

Pool resurfacing services mean that it’s not too late to fix whatever mistake has been made in creating your swimming pool. Not only will pool resurfacing deliver you a new pristine surface, but your swimming pool will also be more structurally sound without any cracks present. 

Once you decide on a pool resurfacing project, reach out to the industry’s best pool contractor, So Cal Pool Plaster. We’ve resurfaced many pools, revitalizing their appearance and functionality. We also offer world-class pool remodeling and restoration and can implement any design you envision with our vast lineup of pool tile and pool coping stone materials. No matter what project you have in store for us, we know that our work and products will ensure that you get precisely what you want. Our services are reliable, affordable and come with a limited warranty, making us the perfect pool contractors for Southern California homeowners. To learn more about our pool restoration and remodeling options, call us today at (714) 617-8182 or fill out our online form. One of our friendly and professional pool contractors will reach out to you and provide you with a free estimate for your next project.